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Japanese parents realize babies’ chubby limbs look just like bread

Baby photos are something youre bound to see on any of the social media apps “youre using”, and although its basically an unspoken truth, everyone with a kid is competing to ensure whose is cutest. Now proud mothers in Japan have set an interesting spin on this pastime( while simultaneously generating the next best meme) by comparing their baby limbs to bread.

According to BuzzFeed, the trend began when someone noticed the similarity between their newborn arms and a popular pull-apart snack bread sold at 7-Elevens in Japan. This spawned the hashtag , which translates to My babys got the best bread photo.

Clearly the company that builds the snack should use this free publicity to their advantage and take the competitor even further. Maybe mothers could send in their best photo, with the win receiving a lifetime furnish of bread and the newborn becoming the official face( or arm) of the brand?

H/ T First We Feast

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Thomas’ dad isn’t playing: Whole world knows about his bad grades now

( CNN) Usually a bad report card get your cell phone taken away, or perhaps you get grounded. Only your family and of course your friends know about your bad grades and the punishment.

But Thomas’ dad set it out there for everyone to see … in barbarian, professional-grade posters … at a televised NBA game … and the shoots of him then of course lit the Internet on fire and now everyone knows poor Thomas’ problem and his punishment.

At the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Charlotte Hornets game on March 24, his papa held up a poster attaining it clear that Thomas — who was probably watching the game at home — should have paid more attention to his schoolwork if he had wanted to come to the game.

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