Print head

Print heads are expensive should it be cleaned if there is a clog

Head cleaning Details

How to determine if the print head is clogged. Do a nozzle check and inspect the nozzle pattern. If there are missing or blank lines you need to perform a head cleaning then print out a nozzle check again if the missing lines are still there, the print head could be clogged or the head is bad electronically the next step is to remove the head and gently syringe cleaner fluid through the heads nozzles if cleaning fluid comes through the head is bad electronically and cleaning fluid does not pass through then the head is clogged 

How do you know if your printer has a bad or clogged print head

A good indication is there are lines in the printed picture. When you see the lines the next step is to print out a nozzle check that will show you what colors are giving you the lines in your picture. Now you have to do a head cleaning to see if the missing nozzles go away sometimes you need to do a couple of cleaning to clear the problem 

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