Joe Cettina


Factory Trained Expert Printer Repairs on all types of printers Inkjet, Laserjet, Multifunction, POS, Large format graphic printers. We have been repairing all types of printers, Scanners, Projectors, Laptops, and PCs since 2002, for a fulfillment company that wanted to provide service repairs to their customers. We were an authorized service center for many manufacturers and were factory-trained in all the products we serviced.

Now we only service Printers, laptop, and PCs

On-Site Ship In Carry In Service

We can repair your printers In House On site. You can carry in or ship in your printer

Repair & Maintenance Services

We repair and do maintenance service on printers Laptops and PCs

We are A Smart Place To Repair Your printer When there is a problem 

When you call us to repair your printer. I will first ask you what model printer you have and ask you to explain the problem you are having. I will also ask you when you purchased the printer and what you paid for it at the time. These question will help determine if the printer is worth fixing


Printer Repair Services

We repair all types of printers and specialize in Epson large format graphic printers 

Maintenance Request

When the waste pads are full of ink the printer will need new ink pads the counter reset and cleanings of the pump cap and flush box.

diagnose the problem before repairs

Properly diagnose the problem to determine if the printer is worth fixing before ordering parts 

Inspections for repair costs

Inspection of the printer is important to determine if the cost of repairs is worth it