Joe Cettina

Hello world. I'm a Factory Trained printer repair tech. I own and operate a Authorized repair shop Laguna Service Inc. People say I can fix anything.
"I've been working online for many years. Im a List Builder Digital marketer, Niche Blog Creator. On my Author Blog im rebuilding my Niche Blogs and Customer Blogs that I Created.
When I'm not working my favorite pastime is Making and Drinking Beer. I brew about 25 gallons at a time which could be a IPA or Barley Wine or a Strong Ale. I built a Fermenting room to brew Larger and pilsners Style Beers. The Brewing Process takes 8 hours to make and about a couple of weeks or more to ferment and another 2-3 weeks to age and its ready to enjoy. There Is Nothing Like a Home Brew Beer Just The Way You Like It!!Enter your text here...